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Solar integration with Radiant, Forced-air Heating and Air Conditioning now available for Bay Area homes

Harrison’s is proud to be a pre-qualified Solar Water Heating contractor approved by the City of Palo Alto Utilities.

Let us help you reduce your water heating energy cost and your carbon footprint by installing a solar water heating system today!

  • We will visit your home (or commercial site) and evaluate your site’s “access” to solar energy by evaluating your roofs exposures and shade issues.
  • Estimate your hot water needs.
  • Design a solar hot water heating system that best suits your needs.
  • Advise on incentive programs currently available.
  • Acquire necessary permits and building department approval.
  • Install the system from start to finish.
  • Provide future service and/or maintenance when needed.

Our attention to detail and our construction experience will ensure that your solar water heating system provides you with years of reliable, free hot water!

Did you know ?

  • The California Energy Commission estimates that the average household can attribute upwards of 30% of its energy bill to creating hot water.
  • It is estimated that water heating accounts for 12% of all end-use Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the U.S.
  • A typical residential solar water heating system only requires approximately 64 square feet of collectors on the roof.
  • A typical installation of solar thermal collectors harvests approximately 6x more solar energy than a photovoltaic panel installation of equal size (square feet).  The typical system of 64 square feet of solar thermal collectors delivers 4 kilowatts of electrical equivalent thermal power under optimum conditions.

The time to go solar is now!

  • Federal government is currently granting a 30% tax credit…with no “cap”!  (Limited time offer)
  • California will pay you a rebate up to $1,875.  (Limited time offer)
  • Other incentive programs are in development!
  • Help slow the effects of air pollution by reducing your “carbon footprint” today!

General uses

  • Pool heating
  • Domestic water heating
  • Space heating


System types

  • Active system:  Uses electric pumps, controllers and valves to circulate heat transfer fluid (htf) through the collectors.  These systems are usually more expensive to install but generally more efficient. 
  • Passive system:  Utilizes natural heat convection and the building’s own water pressure to circulate the heat transfer fluid (htf) through the collectors.  No electrical power required.

Both active and passive systems may circulate the potable water through the collectors (open system) or circulate a heat transfer fluid (htf), by way of a heat exchanger, through the collector (closed system).  The heat transfer fluid (htf) may be 100% water or a mix of food grade / non-toxic glycol.

The Solar Industry has evolved a great deal over the
past 30 years.

  • Technological advances
    • Modern controls maximize efficiency, versatility and monitoring ability.
    • High quality components are well designed and durable.
    • Systems require little maintenance.
  • Improved industry regulation, standards and testing.
    • Rigorous testing requirements established for system components.  Engineered systems have been assembled to further ensure reliability, performance and consumer protection.
    • Local agencies are better prepared to inspect systems and enforce codes.
    • Many incentive programs require that installers undergo special training.
Solar water heating systems are designed to ‘offset’ energy use, a “back-up” system is always part of the design so that hot water is always available.  You’re existing water heater may be used as the ‘back-up’ water heater!


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