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Harrison’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. provides high quality HVAC services including ventilation and filtration design to communities such as Palo Alto, Atherton, Los Altos Hills and Redwood City.

To acheive adequate ventilation and filtration, the typical home requires that we provide exhaust ducts and back- draft dampers (allowing air to exit but not enter your home) for all exhaust fans, kitchen range hoods and clothes dryers. Ventilation
For optimal ventilation, most gas burning appliances require venting to the exterior.

Whole House Fans have been in use for years as an alternative to Air Conditioning. These fans provide ventilation by drawing cool evening air into your home, replacing the warm stale air that has accumulated throughout the day. Whole house fans were once bulky, loud and inefficient, but new breakthroughs in the ventilation industry make these fans great alternatives or compliments to Air Conditioning, increasing the ventilation in your home.

ANSI/ASHRAE 62.2 standards are being adopted by building departments to address indoor ventilation and air quality in residential construction. These ventilation standards will assure that fresh air will be introduced into the building at a pre-determined rate using fans or HRVs.

HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) / ERV (Energy [Enthalpy] Recovery Ventilator) draw fresh air into the home while exhausting stale air to the exterior. A heat exchanger (or enthalpy exchanger) recovers much of the energy that would have otherwise been exhausted to the exterior along with the stale air.

Filtration is not only important for protecting HVAC equipment but also for protecting ourselves and our families. Many of us suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma, a good filtration system can vastly improve our quality of life.


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